Michael Lee

Smiling man with brown eyes and black hair

Program: Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Specialization: Li-ion Battery Materials

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Area of Research: Li-ion battery, thick cathode, materials characterization, electrochemistry

Link to Research Profile: https://battery.engineering.osu.edu

Email: lee.7178@osu.edu 

Why are you interested in sustainable energy solutions? Technological innovation that reduces reliance on static and inflexible technologies has the ability to revolutionize energy systems and improve everyone's lives.

How are your personal history and vision assets to development and research in energy and sustainability? My research and studies place me in a role to further understanding of the fundamental connections between materials and energy systems. My previous work, presentations, and publications all speak to building this fundamental knowledge.

What is your dream job and how will it contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape? I hope to work in either a national lab, battery, or automotive industry environment, contributing to the technologies that will enable grid energy storage and electric vehicles. Reducing the need for flexible energy production in these areas will greatly improve outlooks for sustainable energy production.

Who are potential key partners for your research? Battery, consumer electronics, and automotive manufacturers are all partners who have vested interests and allow me to focus my research on specific materials and configurations. Partnering with these collaborators in order to investigate their cell configurations and electrochemistries allows me to provide value and stay at the cutting edge of this field.

Hobbies/Personal Interests: Cooking, making things

double-arrowRelevant Technical Skills: 

AFM, SEM, XRD, and other microscopy techniques, Modelling with AnSYS/ABAQUS and other programming/simulation tools, Battery manufacturing and electrochemical testing

double-arrowCurrent Projects: 

Hyundai Motor Project
Thick Electrode Project

double-arrowPublications and Presentations:

In-Operando AFM Characterization of Mechanical Property Evolution of Si Anode Binders in Liquid Electrolyte. Lee, M., Reddi, R., Choi, J., Liu, J., Huang, X. Cho, H., Kim, J.H., Huang, X. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2020)

“Interphase Forces of Lithium-Ion Electrode Materials” Presentation at The Ohio State University's Undergraduate Research Forum.

“In-situ Interphase Forces of Lithium-Ion Battery Binder Polymers” Presentation at The Ohio State University's Denman Research Forum. (Won First Place in Engineering Materials).