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Affiliated Faculty

EmPOWERment engages a broader group of Ohio State faculty outside of the program team whose research focuses on sustainable energy. The purpose of the group is to bolster and broaden student recruitment, offer students additional resources for mentoring, learning, and research collaborations.

Current Affiliated Faculty

Prof. Anant Agarwal, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Prof. Gunjan Agarwal, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Avi Benatar, Materials Science and Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Yongyang Cai, Agricultural, Environmental & Developmental Economics

Assist. Prof. Chen Chen, Integrated Systems Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Hanna Cho, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Asst. Prof. Jordan Clark, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Civil Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Anne Co, Chemistry

Prof. Dave Cole, Earth Sciences

Prof. Ardeshir Contractor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Katrina Cornish, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Asst. Prof. Daniel Gingerich, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Orton Chair Pelagia-Iren (Perena) Gouma, Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Dennis Heldman, Food Science & Technology, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Prof. Waleed Khalil, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Asst. Prof. Sami Khanal, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Prof. H. Allen Klaiber, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Asst. Prof. Huyen (T.K.) Le, Geography

Prof. Becky Mansfield, Geography

Prof. Srini Parthasarathy, Computer Science & Engineering, Biomedical Informatics

Ford Motor Company Chair Giorgio Rizzoni, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Eric Romich, OSU Extension

Asst. Prof. Christo Sevov, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Assoc. Prof. Hannah Shafaat, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Assoc. Prof. Abdollah Shafieezadeh, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Prof. Christine Thomas, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Prof. Patrick Woodward, Chemistry and Biology

Assoc. Prof. Julia Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof. Xiaodong Zhang, Computer Science and Engineering