NSF Research Traineeship Program Overview

The EmPOWERment NRT offers PhD students at Ohio State the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary training in energy-system modeling, data science, energy policy, business, legal, social-behavioral issues, and energy technologies to address the challenges facing a sustainable energy future.

As an EmPOWERment trainee, you will be immersed in coursework, research, experiential-learning opportunities, and a student community of like-minded individuals; opportunities designed to introduce you to the unique challenges facing the advancement toward a sustainable energy future. You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of every facet of the sustainable energy landscape through a unique interdisciplinary experience which combines research, education, and communication training. Working together with faculty, industry mentors, and fellow trainees, EmPOWERment students prepare to become the next generation of innovative leaders in sustainable energy. Students completing a PhD program at Ohio State in any energy-related field can apply to supplement their studies with an EmPOWERment NSF Research Traineeship.

Expected learning outcomes

EmPOWERment trainees develop graduate-level interdisciplinary-research skills and learn to undertake transformative projects that solve sustainable energy challenges by leveraging the proliferation of ubiquitous sensing and control technologies to advance energy-technology innovation. The program is designed for students to have distinctive experiences and to prepare them to thrive in a variety of career pathways through experiential learning, coaching, and communication-oriented collaborative activities.

Benefits to Students

  • Augments graduate education through interdisciplinary training
  • Helps students build their professional network prior to graduation
  • Develops important professional and communication skills 
  • Provides broad interdisciplinary training for future energy careers
  • Program was developed to meet future employer needs
  • Prepares students for both academic and non-academic careers

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