Jaden Tatum

Smiling woman with dark brown hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a floral patterned shirt of yellow and pink with an orange cardigan.

Program: Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Ph.D. Program

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Area of Research: Sustainable agriculture, post-harvest management, appropriate technologies, international development, bio-energy

Link to Research Profile: https://bsal.osu.edu

Email: tatum.70@osu.edu

Why are you interested in sustainable energy solutions? Energy access and sustainability are key to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and for the future wellbeing of people in developed and developing countries. 

How are your personal history and vision assets to development and research in energy and sustainability? My background in agricultural and biological engineering has given me a different perspective around energy and sustainability. Agriculture is a large source of carbon emissions and can be very energy-intensive, but it also offers possibilities for greater fossil fuel independence and the capacity to use soil as a carbon sink. I am able to combine knowledge of the complexities of living interactive systems with engineering tools to find answers to questions of sustainability. For example, my undergraduate research explored how well a modeling software APEX was able to capture the yield impacts of an energy- and water-conserving rice irrigation practice.

What is your dream job and how will it contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape? After completing the NRT program, I hope to work as a project coordinator for an international development agency. I want to develop, implement, and monitor programs to increase food security, agricultural sustainability, and energy access. Sustainable energy infrastructure in developing countries will promote access while protecting the environment.

Who are potential key partners for your research? Winrock International & Design Outreach are both nonprofits focused on promoting sustainable development and work in areas including water, energy, and agriculture. They have presence and partners in various communities around the world and would be able to aid in collecting data to inform design decisions and testing possible systems.

Hobbies/Personal Interests: Hiking, Gardening, Crafting

Relevant Technical Skills: 

Experience in life cycle assessment, modeling with FARMSIM & APEX software, data analysis

Current Projects: 

Integrated Grain Drying and Storage System for Use in Developing Countries - supported by OARDC and Sustainability Institute Student Seed Grants

Publications and Presentations:

Tatum, J., 2019. Simulating Delayed Flood and Alternate Wetting and Drying Rice Production in Arkansas Using APEX. University of Arkansas. Biological and Agricultural Engineering Undergraduate Honors Theses. 60.
Crop Residue Management in Chinese Agricultural Systems. 2019. Ohio State University Environmental Issues in East Asia Poster Session.