Ron Davies

Smiling man with short brown hair. He is wearing a red jacket and grey and blue patterned sweater.

Program: Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Area of Research: Network science, causal inference, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and bioinformatics 

Link to Research Profile:


Why are you interested in sustainable energy solutions? While many of the world's greatest problems can be solved through the increased production and availability of energy, there is a limit to the consumable resources available. I want to be a part of the accelerating transition to more sustainable energy production to ensure a more promising future.

How are your personal history and vision assets to development and research in energy and sustainability? I got my B.Sc. in computer science and biology with a focus in neuroscience and made the Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List which has prepared me for the dynamic nature of multidisciplinary research.

What is your dream job and how will it contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape? My dream job is with an organization that capitalizes on the causal impacts of decisions on networks of people and assets. Sustainable infrastructure development, amongst many parts of the sustainable energy landscape, requires a high capital investment that carries some risks that may be easier to predict with the application of network analysis and causal inference.

Who are potential key partners for your research? Professor Rajiv Ramnath, my advisor in the Department of Computer Science, is one of my key partners for my research due to our long history together and the encouragement he provides for pursuing interdisciplinary work. Other members of this EmPOWERment cohort are likely to be my partners for different parts of my research as they bring significantly different perspectives and backgrounds to the table.

Hobbies/Personal Interests: Ice hockey, piano, skiing, chocolate, learning

double-arrowRelevant Technical Skills: 

Python, R, SQL, Java, C++

double-arrowCurrent Projects: 

Computational histopathology of soft tissue sarcoma - Applying deep learning and other computational methods to detect morphological features in whole slide images for aiding pathologists when diagnosing a few rare cancer subtypes.

Secure sarcoma data commons - Building a centralized, secure data access point for qualified researchers to gather data from multiple internal sources and then analyze it.

COVID-19 monitoring team - One of the members of Ohio State's monitoring team working with 50+ data streams to create a coherent picture of the evolving state of cases which may impact the university.