Qingrun Yang

Man with black rimmed glasses, brown eyes and black hair. He is wearing a white t-shirt with square box in the middle that says travel agency.

Program: Civil Engineering Ph.D. Program

Specialization: Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2025

Area of Research: Systems Integration of CO2-Geothermal Technologies

Link to Research Profile: https://u.osu.edu/bielicki.2/group/current-students/qingrun-yang/

Email: yang.5684@osu.edu

Why are you interested in sustainable energy solutions? Briefly speaking, I believe sustainability is the future. In order to survive for the next thousands of years, our humans have to develop sustainable energy solutions. Temporary unsustainable development may get high profit, yet leaving potential disasters to offspring.

How are your personal history and vision assets to development and research in energy and sustainability? Both my BS and MS were in Electrical Engineering, with focuses on renewable energy power system operation and electricity-carbon joint market. Now I'm a civil engineering PhD student, working on carbon-related energy systems.

What is your dream job and how will it contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape? My potential future career interest is to join a global organization such as the International Renewable Energy Agency, focusing on the issue of energy transition and environmental protection. I believe it will make a holistic assessment and suggestion for global sustainable energy development.

Who are potential key partners for your research? Engineering entities related to CO2 storage and utilization. They can provide real, practical data for my research to make it more convincing and useful. Also, consulting entities related to CO2 storage and utilization. They can provide up-to-date information of real-world development trends, which can help me establish a holistic understanding of my area and inspire me to develop more ideas in my research.

Hobbies/Personal Interests: Basketball, guitar.

double-arrowRelevant Technical Skills: 

Programming: Matlab, C++
Software: Gurobi, Yalmip, LaTex

double-arrowCurrent Projects: 

double-arrowPublications and Presentations:

Yang, Q., Ding, T., Ma, W., et al. Decentralized Joint Power-Gas-Heat Economic Dispatch for Global Energy Internet in Northeast Asia [C]. IEEE PES GM, Portland, OR, USA, 2018.

Yang, Q., Ding, T., Ma, W., et al. A Bi-level Distributed Algorithm for Economic Dispatch of Global Energy Interconnection and Practice in Northeast Asian Transnational Power System [C]. IEEE PES GM, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2019.

Ding, T., Yang, Q., Wen, Y., et al. Zonally Robust Decentralized Optimization for Global Energy Interconnection: Case Study on Northeast Asian Countries [J]. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 2020, 17(4): 2120-2129.